视图 日程安排 为当前课程提供,指南,和期末考试.


学生 have the option to withdraw from an individual course(s) or the entire term. 根据添加/删除周期的不同,该过程会有所不同. 参观 提取信息 浏览更多详情. 


All 利记体育 students register for classes using the self-service 招收ment process. 你一定有皮特护照的权限 招收 在类.

注册培训- PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX用户指南

培训材料 都可以学习PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX.



  • 查看成绩
    学生 can access their grades in their PeopleSoft/HighPoint 校园 Experience (CX), 可以通过myPitt访问.  在CX仪表板上,打开我的学术菜单并选择成绩.
  • 级验证
    如果等级验证需要雇主报销, 或者任何原因, obtain a copy of your official transcript by either by ordering a transcript or by stopping by 279 Blackington Hall.
  • 失踪的成绩
    如果当前的课程出现在你的成绩单上或通过你的学生中心, 没有分数, this can be the result of two separate issues: The electronic Grade Roster has not been graded or posted, 请向你的导师查询成绩公布的大致日期.由于上课时间过晚,导致成绩尚未出具.   和你的指导老师一起跟进,直到成绩出来.
  • 课程重复
    Consult the Divison Office of your major for the proper procedure of repeating a class and for information on how this will affect your grades and the calculation of your Grade Point Average (GPA). 当你重修课程时,你必须正式注册并再次支付课程费用. University Policy 09-01-09 prohibits any student from attending a class without being officially 招收ed for that class. 重复的课程, has a notation appearing underneath the previous course taken designating that it is excluded from the GPA. 原来的课程和成绩将始终保留在您的记录/成绩单上. 
  • 分级系统


Undergraduate courses are offered under one of the following available course grade options:

  • LG -书信职系
  • H/S/U -荣誉/满意/不满意
  • S/NC -满意/无信用
  • LG和H/S/U -字母等级和荣誉/满意/不满意
  • LG和SNC -信级和满意/无学分

During the 招收ment process, the course will default to its assigned grading basis. 在LG/SNC课程中, 该课程将默认为LG, and SNC will have to be selected by the student in order for the student to receive the SNC grade.  学生在初次入学时不应该选择合适的评分标准吗, they have the ability to change the grading option using the "Edit 招收ment" function in CX for courses up until the end of the add/drop period for a term.  添加/删除截止日期过后,学生无法使用自助服务, students will need to contact the 司法常务官办公室 to fill out a Grade Option Change Form by the Grade Option Deadline for each term.  

Grading options for each course are approved by the department that offers the course(s) and are not always available options on all courses.  A student may choose any of the grading options available for the course offered but are advised to  check with the Divison of your major before selecting a grading option other than the default grading option for the course.  虽然分级选项可能适用于课程, 某些专业可能只允许满足专业要求的字母分级课程.  

 A student may audit any course with the permission of the instructor and the academic center offering the course.   Auditing a course results in no quality points, credit hours toward graduation, or GPA impact.  旁听一门课程, 学生必须注册这门课程, 支付课程学费, 并访问注册主任办公室填写成绩选择更改表.  The form must be signed by the instructor and approved by the 司法常务官办公室.

Deadline to change the grading option for a course or to audit a course is no later than the 这学期的前三周 提供课程的地点.


更新个人信息,如姓名, SSN, address, or phone number can be made according to guidelines designed to protect the identity of our students and maintain the integrity of our student's academic records outlined below. Presentation or delivery of specific documents are required in order to make the most of these changes, so please refer to the guidelines below before attempting to make a personal information change. 在历史记录受到影响的情况下,可能会评估费用.

  • 找到你的PeopleSoft号码
    PeopleSoft numbers are individuals' main identifiers at the University of Pittsburgh comprised of seven digits.  PeopleSoft numbers are often printed in the lower right corner of Pitt student IDs and can also be found by accessing My Profile in PeopleSoft/HighPoint 校园 Experience (CX).
  • 优先/选择名称
    As part of the University's ongoing effort to accommodate the use of a student preferred/chosen name throughout University systems, 在PeopleSoft的28页中,主名称被首选/选择的名称替换. The preferred/chosen name will only display on these 28 pages if a student has taken the appropriate steps to add a preferred/chosen name. 否则,将显示主名称.  添加首选/选择的名称, see the Add a Preferred/Chosen Name Process document under 个人信息 Resources.
    查看将发生此更改的PeopleSoft页面列表, 请参阅PeopleSoft首选/选择的名称页列表.
  • 性别认同
    学生 have the ability to denote their gender identity in PeopleSoft/HighPoint 校园 Experience (CX).  This information is optional to provide and can be edited at any time by accessing your CX Dashboard, 从菜单中选择My Profile, 导航到传记信息选项卡, 编辑你的性别认同.  This information is only displayed to PeopleSoft administrators who have access to students' personal information.  了解更多信息, 请参阅PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX学生培训页面上的学生用户指南.
  • 人称性别代词
    学生, 教师, and staff may specify their personal gender pronouns for display in the following University systems: Canvas, 查找人员(查找).皮特.edu)和NameCoach.  添加你的人称代词, see the Add 人称性别代词 Process document under 个人信息 Resources.
  • 名称更改
    在学生信息系统中,任何合法的姓名变更都需要提供相关文件, 比如结婚证的复印件, 出生证明, 法院命令, 或者离婚令. 我们也接受社会保障卡, however in this case will will also need a second form of ID such as a driver's license or passport also showing the new name. 电子邮件, 传真, 或者到我们的办公室要求改名, 并附上一份相关文件的复印件(不要寄原件). 
  • 社会安全号码变更
    更正或添加您的社会安全号码到您的记录, 扫描/拍照并发电子邮件, 传真, 或亲自到我们的办公室申请更改.
  • 地址、电话和紧急联系人更改
    If your mailing or home address changes, it is important that you update it immediately. 未能更改地址可能导致无法收到大学的邮件. If you are a current student, you can update your address by logging onto PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX. Navigate to My Profile and make any necessary changes to your own contact information or emergency contact information.  了解更多信息, 请参阅PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX学生培训页面上的学生用户指南.  Some students have multiple home addresses, so a new address type entitled "Home 2" has been created. 学生 choosing to use this feature should maintain the "Home 2" address just as they do the "Home" address.


参观 校历 :

  • 宿舍开放/关闭日期
  • 注册日期和注册截止日期
  • 上课的第一天和最后一天
  • 成绩和受监控的退学
  • 假期和特殊的大学日子